Versatile Blogger Award!

Een paar weken geleden ben ik door Miss Eeeek(;-)) genomineerd voor de Versatile Blogger Award! Ik ben erg dankbaar hiervoor, want zolang ben ik nog niet bekend in het “Blog wereldje”. Omdat zij in het Engels blogt zal ik mijn post ook verder in het Engels doen.


A couple weeks ago I’ve been nominated by Miss Eeeek(;-)) for the Versatile Blogger Award! I’m very gratefull because I haven’t been blogging for so long.

The rules for the Versatile Award are:
– Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging
– Let them know that you have nominated them.
– Share 7 random facts about yourself.
– Thank the blogger who has nominated you.
– Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your post.

First the 7 facts about me:
1. I do like sushi só much, too much, but I cant help it. We go out once/twice a month and eat sushi all we can! Yeah 🙂

2. I really love pets! We’ve got three cats, a black, grey and red one. There just my kids, I cant live without them. Actually we’re looking for a small dog, were are thinking about taking one from the petshelter this spring/summer.

3. I’m addicted to nailpolish (oh really?) I don’t know how many polish I have actually, I don’t dare to count them (yet).

4. I am a HSP, This means High Sensitive Person. Actually I discoverd this with my psy a few years ago. I can’t stand loud sounds (tv always makes to much noise for me), strong smells, noises, crowded people and lots of other things. It really makes me tired after a busy working day.

5. I wear glasses since I was 7. Now I wear them often at work (I’m an Optician) and at home I wear my contacts.
Thumbs up if you wear glasses!

6. I don’t have any smartphone, Iphone, Ipad or something cool like that. Actually I only have my cool pink Sony Vaio notebook, and that’s it. I’m thinking about getting a smartphone, but I don’t know which one or how it works (I’m really a nurd I know), but I think I have more free time without one. But for my blog it’s very handy to have one, so I can check comments at work. Now I have to wait untill I’m home to check out my blog and comments 😉
Any advice for me?

7. I only have one jeans in my garderobe. OK, that really sounds sad but I don’t fit any normal jeans because I’m very tall and small, and I don’t like skinnyjeans so I never find a normal pair of jeans which I really like. So the last time I bought my jeans (I have now) was three years ago.. so I really need some good pair of jeans SOON! 🙂
BUT don’t think I’m naked, I just were skirts and dresses a lot! 😉

Then the 15 lovely bloggers who I’ve nominated:
1. Merel – Blackbirdnails
2. Jasmine – Cherischday
3. Zusje
4. Marloes – BeautyJuf
5. Leviosa
6. Sarah – Myfantasticnails
7. Eline
8. Danielle – Make me Blush
9. Louna Beauty
10. Axelle & Jill
11. Purpurapapilio
12. Fingerart – Mariska
13. Sofie – BeautySparkles
14. Jennifer Elbert
15. Cella Maassen

Congrats to you!


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